Berries and Good diet for erectile dysfunction

May 4, 2016 Category: Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is common disorder that affects a lot of men all over the world. It is the disorder where men hold their erection for sustainable period. This is also often termed as impotence. It has many symptoms some of which include reduced sexual desire.

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There can be many causes for Erectile Dysfunction such as

  • Stress from some situation
  • Some physical injury in the past
  • Fatigue from work
  • Old age
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Consumption of alcohol

Facing this condition once or twice does not make it erectile dysfunction since it that is perfectly normal. However, if the situation continues for say, weeks or a month, you should think of consulting your physician.

Although maximum number of people who suffer from it are usually the people of old age, there can be times when middle aged or younger men might suffer from it as well.

Natural Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Natural Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

There are many types of treatments that are available for erectile dysfunction patients. These include from implants to vacuum pumps to medicines such Viagra and such. Research has also found out that there are natural ways that can help fight Erectile Dysfunction.  It has been stated that a good diet for erectile dysfunction is one of the best ways to ward it off for good.

Doctors have been saying it for ages now that exercising can help fight off erectile dysfunction. While exercising has its own value you simply cannot neglect a good diet, since it is all part of a healthy lifestyle. A study conducted on at 25,000 men has shown that consumption of berries and other citric food help reduce the risk of ED greatly. The study further found that men who were consuming at least 3 servings of berries every week were as much as 10 times less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunctions. The fact holds irrespective of factors such as age, physical weight, or exercises one does or even if has taken medications for erectile dysfunction in the past. That does not mean that exercising doesn’t matter.

The study also shows that men who ate berries along with regular exercising were even lesser likely (as low as 21%) to suffer from erectile dysfunction. A good diet for erectile function will help you tackle it better than any other expensive, time consuming method. Therefore, instead of spending uselessly on medications and such things spend on healthy food and fitness since that can help you fight off not only erectile dysfunction but also many other lifestyle disease and such in the long run. Start working today so that you don’t have to worry tomorrow.

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